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Can't you hunt with a suppressor?
Don't see why not, but honestly I haven't looked. It'll still sound like a shot, just not a .308.

Speaking of hunting, I was in a nearby state park (San Felasco stretches from Gainesville to Alachua, it's massive). I went off trail a mile or so back Saturday morning and came across some deer. Nice area to lay down. You know, just in case shit gets bad. I need a crossbow :icon-lol:

I haven't gotten a license for this year yet . I don't really look forward to hunting state land, dealing with other hunters, proving sex to the state, wearing orange :icon-lol: It's just a pain in the ass.
Just picked up my suppressor.

If any gun folks want one, now is the time. Apparently a string of complaints for a long time about these 6-12 month waiting periods led to expedited processing. The last 2-3 months, their customers have been getting their approvals from the ATF within 2-4 weeks. One customer just bought 8 at once and got them in 18 days. Of course, the retards at ATF should have processed from the bottom up, not letting those who have been waiting on those who just bought one. Fuckwads. In any case, I may pick one up for a 5.56 if there's a good Black Friday sale. Or maybe one for a handgun, can't decide.
No more garbage thrown over your fence.
That's pellet gun level offense. Speaking of, no more trash. I watched the area with a game camera for a couple weeks and eventually gave up. The regular trash tossing just stopped. For now.