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He lived in Brevard and used to frequent Meg O'Malley's, an Irish bar/restaurant in downtown Melbourne. I went in once when he was at the bar. Everybody was atwitter so I knew he was someone but didn't recognize him. I actually thought he might be Stephen Baldwin lol. At some point he sat down next to me at the bar, and I happened to look at his hand and it had a huge red sox world series ring. So then I realized who he was. I just said "nice ring". He smiled and said "thanks". I met him again when he attended the opening of Eau Gallie Little League where he played as a kid. Super nice guy always helping with charity events. He used to do a celebrity golf tournament at Suntree Country Club. Too young. RIP.
At least I've finally convinced my wife of this. She was indoctrinated to believe natural is better than synthetic. I blew her mind when I explained what the "strength" of homeopathic medicines. The strong the homeopathic shit is, the less of the actual ingredient it has.
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Its so demonstrably false. If it were true we'd all have cholera from drinking the bits of poo left in our water.
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