News The :goodbye: thread

I got to see him and Dusty Rhodes beat the duck out of beach other like 20-25 years ago. Awesome fight, out into the stands, into the parking lot.
Y’all I I think we need a Buffett appreciation thread -> share your fucking feelings it’s okay to cry
another childhood friend. This one was quite heavy as a kid (he was like the only "fat" kid in grade school) and though he later had surgery I think it fucked him up for life. He was blind and in a wheelchair at the end so it may be more of a blessing for his family.
Just saw on FB, thanks to the people you may know, that a woman I was dating a year, year and a half ago died in a car accident yesterday. Great body, pretty…kind of annoying.
My high school has a favebook page just for everyone that died. Depressing as fuck.
I don't keep track, but I know the hottest chick in our class died from cancer last year. She wasn't the hottest in high school, but probably the best body. But damn did she age well. Prettier at 40 than in high school and still toned.

Granted, only 69 people in my class, so not exactly a huge selection. From what I've seen today, only 1 or 2 left that are still attractive and thin. Everyone else is pretty much fat.
Damn, now Dumbledore really is dead. I liked Gambon better than Harris.

Until, you know...he's recast again by HBO.