Gators Napier-era Shlinks

Billy's recruiting class is starting to fall apart. The dude needs to get his shit together ASAP.
I always figured we'd lose a few. Hopefully he can keep it together through early signing day and have some kids on campus next semester.

I have seen a few posts about how young this team. The next couple years will show if we can actually coach em up I guess.
Links don't get any shittier than In All Kinds of Weather

Arkansas and Kentucky were humiliating. I don't think LSU was. Sure, we made their QB look like Superman(we're good at that), but we were basically going punch for punch with them until like 10 minutes left. If that catch for a 1st down wasn't overturned towards the end, I think we had a chance of pulling it out, even giving up all those yards.
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Billy lost another recruit on the D-line. Nasir Johnson flips to Georgia.

Tl;dr: we suck, but Missouri used to suck too and now they’re better than us so let’s do what they did: be patient and see if good recruiting can help us suck less.