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So the swastika plays zero role in the story or significance of the coin, but they felt the need to force it in there.
There's some retarded logic there (only going off the headline).

The protein is 5,000 years old, so we couldn't possible eat it despite having eaten it for a large portion of human history. But the USDA and standard american diet says we should eat like 30% of our diet in grains, which have only been cultivated and consumed for 10,000 years. So their logic is that we can lose the possibility to eat a protein we ate for an exponentially longer period, but we had no trouble evolving to eat grans in an insignificant period of time on the evolutionary scale.
Not sure the connection is there, but still fascinating to think about. I mean, we know there was a small Viking presence in North America about 1000 years ago, but it doesn't seem like it lasted that long.

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I figured he would be poorer and/or have religious faith. People love to mock religion but its a huge advantage in this sort of situation. that and/or having faced hardship. Both tend to make people stronger
But the Facebook retards on the Archeology page kept telling me that it was impossible for anyone to have lived in America before the Clovis people just a few days ago!
Evil gator said:
What isotope was used to date these footprints?

No idea. But Archeologists/academia uses "science" the same way liberals do with COVID.

"FOLLOW THE SCIENCE" unless it contradicts our narrative.

I see it constantly. Discoveries destroy the narrative of their funding and life long lies and they find a way to first discredit the same carbon dating as they use to justify their own theories. Or even worse, something absolutely absurd, their go to is, "BUT WHERE ARE THE STONE TOOLS?".

Footprints? Can't be reliably dated like sites where they found arrowheads, so they'll dismiss it. The mammoth butcher site dated to 40,000 years ago that showed clear signs of manipulation, breakage, and scraping to get the marrow out of the bones? The dating is wrong and it can't be a butcher site because we found no stone tools.

Fuck I hate academics.
Interesting podcast about ancient civilizations, including what's allegedly being suppressed of complex structures found in Antarctica as the ice is receding, which would put it 20,000 years old, before it was under 2 miles of ice. A lot of it repeats Graham Hancock and others work, but he gets into the agreements made by the world to not militarize or claim Antarctica or space and how we've violated that. Gets more into Antartica part sometime after 30 minutes in

This is fascinating, but holy fuck....a little whacky. I don't expect anyone to listen to this hour, but supposedly there are these emerald tablets from Egypt dated many thousands of years ago which originated from Sumerian texts, that explain who built the Pyramids and those same people built the others around the world loooooong ago. Actually quite plausible how it's all explained. But here's where it gets nutty, which he believes and the tablets claim there was an all out nuclear war (with physical evidence) like 50,000 years ago and one of the parties flew to Mars (origin of Mars being the God of War) and all kinds of crazy shit. Then they came back to earth and technology was all lost, so they genetically modified whatever hominid was here to form us current homosapiens. Listening to him say this in all seriousness is.....something. :icon-lol:
The illumani is real and have controlled earth for hundreds of thousands of years who were given the power by aliens?. Prescott Bush (W's granddaddy I think) was a Nazi more or less. Hitler was a Rothchild and WWII was a conspiracy between the Rochchilds, Rockefellers, and Hitler. They're all descendants of the Pharoahs who are descendants of Sumerian Kings who are descendants of....aliens, which leads back to my last post about modern humans being genetically modified after arriving on earth 450,000 years ago according to the Sumerian cuneiform tablets from which much of the Bible was copied from.

This guy is something else to listen to :icon-lol: :icon-lol:

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