Ent Movie/tv thread


Nov 2, 2019
Doom Patrol. 2 seasons down. Slow at times, but damn is Brendan Frazier funny in this.
Fucking Sweet Tooth. The 1st episode looked interesting but I just wanted the deer kid to get shot by a hunter the whole time.
Theo Von’s new Netflix special is out.

and it's not good. Damn Theo....I didn't lol once.
Do you guys think the soccer mommy bloggers in the humara commercial are banging each other?
Fun fact: the story of Frank Dux that Bloodsport was about….all bullshit. Dux made it all up.
The Harder they fall. That Netflix black western. Entertaining.
I watched the first 2 episodes for free. I think it was Peacock or Paramount +, which I wanted to get anyway since The Lost Symbol is on there also. I just cancelled HBOMax, so I guess I'll get be binging Yellowstone now.

I try not to keep more than 4 services active at once :icon-lol:
Mel Gibson is making a Lethal Weapon 5. I love the series, but this sounds like a bad idea.

Disney is making a new POTC and replacing Johnny Depp because of the sexual assault allegations. That will 100% be a flop. Not that the last couple of POTC movies were particularly good, but replacing Depp is a guaranteed way for it to fail.
Lethal Weapon 5 is the least needed sequel ever, but Mel directing it gets me a little interested.