News COVID thread

Back in ancient times it was called "The bull head clap" and I was referring to Tommy's post about your FLu being the clap.

45 billion annually go to the NIH ANNUALLLY and we have no definitive studies. People are masking up kids again. idiocy.
Beyond stupid when they've put out plenty of data that shows masks don't work
Damn I can't believe I forgot to share this from yesterday. Publix - An older woman...late 60s or so....Walking around holding her visor to her face.

J. F. C.
The courts finally issued a ruling that Biden's censorship and pressuring social media who/what to ban....let's just call it the violating the 1st Amendment, was illegal and they can't fucking do it.

Ummm, no shit. Why did it take them years to decide this?
He reads from various University studies and papers that show....Yes, the vaccine is causing heart damage to healthy people at an alarmingly high rate

It’s just unnecessary for young people without certain specific conditions to get the vax