Bitch Bitch thread

Yeah that didn't make my reaction to the dumb fucks in the parking garage any calmer :icon-lol:

Or the dumb cunt who refused to turn right on red when I was leaving. Then the bitch getting on 75 at 50mph. Then getting off 75, the guy beside me merged into my lane, cutting me off as we turned onto 39th from the ramp to where I had to slam on the breaks and he shoots me a bird when I honk at him. Then an old fat fuck in a tiny car turns left from 39th and barely uses the turn lane.

It's amazing how terrible drivers almost everyone is.
Garages make me rage as well, people drive down the middle. I drive an F150 and I squeeze as close to the right as I can, yet these people in compact cars wont get out of the middle to move both cars through. Makes me want to play chicken with them.
Garages make me rage as well, people drive down the middle. I drive an F150 and I squeeze as close to the right as I can, yet these people in compact cars wont get out of the middle to move both cars through. Makes me want to play chicken with them.
Same. Also in an F150. My side had big trucks with hitches sticking already taking up part of my side. The worst is at the ends. I swear no one can turn those corners without taking up the area of both lanes. One bitch came hauling ass around the corner and she was cutting right through the corner, didn't even try to "turn". I take as wide and as a tight of a turn as I can.

They are shit designs though. Have to cram as many cars in as possible, so parking spots are too short and narrow. The drive aisle is only 20 or 22 feet instead of the standard 24. I always go straight to the very top or the first empty level I come across and reverse in. Last time I didn't, I had 2 large vehicles on either side of me and I didn't reverse in. It took a 10 point turn to get out of there they were so fucking close to me. Without the backup cam, it would have taken a 20 point turn that time. Never again.
I'm about to snap. I asked a specific question to a coworker that's holding me up. No answer. I made an additional comment later and he answers. I reply immediately about my primary question....and now 30 minutes later still no reply. Answer the god damn question so I can proceed :eg:
I have to give a big fuck you to Disney joining Hulu for putting ads into the shows unless you pay an absurdly higher price, especially for the content you get.

Kid gets dropped off this morning, wearing flipflops as usual. She just got back from out of town last night, so all the shoes are at her moms house. She has no fucking key to her house and she can't wear flipflops to school. No one with a key to that house is answering their fucking phones.

This type of stupid shit happens so often, I swear I'm going to buy those dumb cunts an electronic lock for the door. The kid has missed so much school already being sick, now she's going to miss school (and distract me from working) because they can't remember a key or a fucking pair of shoes.

And I'm out of fucking cigars. I tried quitting in a poor method, now I have no way of getting cigars without paying those stupid ass insanely high prices for mediocre sticks because fuck meditation, fuck exercise, and fuck all the other bullshit that doesn't work to make me not want to go postal. I should have left that possum in the trap and fed it, waiting for a day like how this one is starting out to kill it.
Fucked up business practice that I'll avoid. I'm developing a site for a Toyota dealership. In the claims that they're doing this for the customer so they don't have to walk in the heat, you are not allowed to browse the vehicles at your leisure. You have to go to the office, tell them what you want, and then they go pick a vehicle for you and drive it into the show room to you.

Like salesman weren't already manipulating, pressuring, annoying cunts to begin with. Now you can't even be left alone to browse the lot? Fuck. that. Luckily it's Toyota and I'd never buy one, but if others start following that model.....
Fuck the architect or whoever drew the building for this dealership. Walls aren't at 90 degree angles, irregular dimensions (who the fuck is going to build a 57'-2 3/16" wall?"....All kinds of issues. Architects are the worst.
And right as I'm annoyed with this architect, a landscape architect emails me asking questions worded in a stupid way. He asks, "Can you please clarify this sidewalk through the building?"

I responded, "Can you clarify 'through the building', as we don't have any sidewalks going through any buildings. We have a sidewalk adjacent to a building"
neighbor's house addition is taking forever. It's garbage day. A large truck and enclosed trailer from an insulation company is blocking my recycling and garbage bins. Had the kid with me, but he already got a stare down. Now I can't find him, but he's on a very short time table before he's told to move the fucking truck or, if I don't get a pickup because he's blocking 40' of curb and my bins, I'm throwing all that shit in the back of his truck.