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I used to shop there so much. Almost never now. I had some gift cards I used last year. Around here they are trash
Haven't been in a long time. When I was down at Campus for work the other day, I saw that the Target they put on 13th and Univ closed. That was pretty surprising since most of their customers seem to be college kids.
Does that shit actually sell well enough to keep them stocked? I kind of want a woke nativity scene now.
I've been hooked on watching dipshits get arrested on YouTube. This one is perfect for this thread:

Good God. That's the worst one of them all. Playing the victim over something that never happened to you.
Does that shit actually sell well enough to keep them stocked? I kind of want a woke nativity scene now.
That's the dumb part. They have to lose money on this shit just to be inclusive?
China building 2 coal plants a day. John Kerry says it's "just in case" and has nothing wrong to say about it.....

as they killed our energy independence. The stupid or blatant corruption is something to behold.
I call bullshit. Not to mention, they research is based out of 145 people in just 3 cemeteries out of 35,000 and you know damn well they probably chose cemeteries that were for the plebes, if not using at least 1 or 2 of those that would be exclusively black.

megan rapinoe.....my God her antics and quotes lately are insufferable. The worst of entitled pieces of shit.
In other celebrity stupidity, Pink is touring Florida giving out "banned" books and tweeted a list of books that are "BANNED IN FLORIDA" and then proceeds to list a bunch of books that are in not banned at all. To Kill a Mockingbird is actually required high school reading in Florida, not banned....but it is banned in......her home state of California.

Another absurd book she said is banned in Florida is 1984. Uhhhh....Clearly she doesn't know what 1984 is about to think that Republicans would ever want to ban that one. The stupid is amazing.
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None of the 26 cited were killed because they were trans. And in fact, fewer trans people are killed per capita than the general population - you are actually less likely to be murdered if you’re trans.
Liberals have such smooth brains and no critical thinking. They get told emotionally some group is being oppressed and buy into it without a simple review of facts.