Ent Things that amuse me

I can't wait for this to implode fully and the lefties keep insisting EV's will save the world.

Every American could have an EV and it won't make a dent compared to what China and India do, but hey, let's continue to fuck up the lives of the average American because young people who don't even have vehicles and the elites who still use gas vehicles and $10 light bills get rich off those same retards who don't even drive or own homes.
I wish I could catch this on video...

Our two dogs are thick as thieves, with the cat, and they all rub against each other, lay around together, play together... until they see me coming their way. That's when the chase is on. Sounds like miniature hounds chasing a deer. :icon-lol: :icon-lol:

Fuckin' little retards.