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By: DocZaius
Once you read this, you will be cursed with terrible knowledge.

The Curious Case of Clothing Porn — OK Whatever

An underground world of YouTube smut, revealed.

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Cleaning. Sneezing. Farting. And white shirts. All these and more comprise a strange, interconnected network of pseudo-porn on YouTube. Most videos are silent and short  —  distilled to their eerie, insidious essence, and impossible to distinctively label as “pornography.” To the random user, they mean next to nothing, but if you know how to seek them out (and if you even want to), they’re a treasure trove.

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By: DocZaius

This Late-Night Glove Salesman Masturbating Story Is Very Weird But Also True

For years there has been an urban legend in Halifax about "Glove Guy," who would pick up drunk young men and ask them to try on his gloves.

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It wasn’t long until a black SUV rolled up alongside him and a man who looked like Max Headroom asked if he wanted a ride. Desperate and freezing, Blackbird accepted. After Blackbird turned down the man’s request to “party,” the night took a disturbing turn.

According to Blackbird, the man told him, “Drive my jeep and wear my gloves."

Blackbird had no idea how often this strange request has been made to stranded Halifax men after a long night. He just thought it was one of those “weird random freak things.” In fact, it wasn’t until Blackbird saw an incredibly popular Reddit post (which eventually got turned into a podcast and a CBC story) describing an eerily similar experience that he learned the truth: there was an urban legend of a man who scouted the streets of Halifax looking for desperate men to try on his gloves.

“The whole time I was doing that he’s, like, looking at me and, like, fucking rubbing his leg and shit. He’s like, ‘How do they feel? How do they feel?’ and breathing really hard,” Blackbird told VICE.

“In my head I was like, ‘Jesus Christ,’ but I just told him, ‘They feel good.’”

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