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by: DocZaius
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So, there’s another small Gator forum that I’m a member of (, and the guy who runs the place passed away back in June. We don’t know how long it’s going to stay up, so I’ve volunteered to host them. What I’ll probably do is just have them come here until the domain name becomes available.

Some of them don’t like the look and feel of this place, though, so in the interests of keeping everyone happy, I’m probably going to discontinue the FLATBOOTS and BBOOTS styles in favor of styles based on phpBB’s default “prosilver” style. That way, people can choose from a number of different styles and (hopefully), all the special features will work the same for all of them. Right now, most of the extensions I have for this place only work with FLATBOOTS and/or BBOOTS and won’t work with other styles.

Might fool around with the forums, too, but I plan on keeping the NSFW forum anyway.
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