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By: DocZaius
So, I’m always on the lookout to make this place better for our 5-10 active users. I like phpBB, and I like the custom elements I’ve incorporated here, but… I feel like the forum can be better. Faster. More modern. Have better features.

No free solution is ideal, but I’m hoping that one day, the future will provide a forum that is good enough.

So… I’ve set up a few links to alternatives that might be fun to explore. So far, I like Flarum the best. Development is slow, but the community is pretty strong as far as making add-ons. Very few pre-made themes. No wysiwyg editor, but editor automatically inserts markdown - plus Giphy support add-on, which I’ve wanted here for a while.

Vanilla looks a lot better than it used to, but very little community support anymore. The developers focus on the paid service and the open source software is an afterthought.

This forum currently runs phpBB of course, and it’s pretty good. Strong community support but the main developers don’t take suggestions for improvement to heart, and even then, changes to the core software are constantly breaking extensions that are no longer supported.

MyBB could be nice but it is way outdated.
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