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I know we’ve got about 10 or so regular users, mostly lurkers. For the most part, you probably only look at the NSFW forum. But in case you don’t, there are some features you might want to know about that might not be obvious at first glance.

Let’s start with the theme. The forum defaults to a theme called “FLATBOOTS,” but there is an alternative theme called “BBOOTS” that you can select from your User Control Panel.

Just go to your User Control Panel, click on the “Board Preferences” tab and go to “My board style” to pick the one you want. Hit “Submit” and you’re all set.
Bookmarking topics and posts

If you have… favorite posts or topics, you can bookmark them.

To bookmark a topic, click on the little star at the top of the topic:


To bookmark a post within a topic, click on the little gear icon and then “Bookmark this post”:


Bookmarks can be managed from your profile page:

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And speaking of chat, if you see that little blue-and-white cartoon speech balloon in the lower-right-hand corner, it’s a way you can instantly chat with any other forum member. Just click on it, it should be self-explanatory.
New feature: image previews. You probably noticed this already - but for every thread with an image in it, the forum will automatically put a little thumbnail that you can hover over to the left of the thread title. That’ll bring up the newest image in the thread (or the oldest if I change the setting). Just a fun little addition.
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Feature I’m constantly playing with: badges. You get different badges for different forum accomplishments, such as number of likes received or given, etc.

View all the available badges here: badge/index.html

I’m taking suggestions for new badge ideas.
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