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By: DocZaius
Okay, I think I have the editor working pretty good.

The only hangup is that I can’t really change the background color of the editor for nightstalker mode - it’s either black or white and won’t change, so either you have a nightstalker mode with a white editor or a normal mode with a black editor.
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By: DocZaius
Two witnesses told West Palm Beach police they saw the barrel of a rifle inside the man’s trench coat and a rifle strap across his chest. No evidence of a weapon ever was found.
 WEST PALM BEACH — Concerns about a man wearing a green trench coat caused West Palm Beach police to lock down Rosemary Square on Monday after two witnesses told authorities the man was in possession of a long rifle, according to police reports.
 After reviewing surveillance-camera video from area businesses, police determined the man was not armed. The lockdown, following a week that saw 35 people die in mass shootings in California, Texas and Ohio, lasted more than one hour as police cleared the scene.
 Police reports say officers received a 911 call at about 5:15 p.m. Monday from two deliveryman who saw the man in the trench coat walking east on Gardenia Street, on the northeast side of the restaurant and entertainment complex once known as CityPlace.
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