News Possum news (and memes)

Finally, hamster balls for backyard chickens!

I think a determined raccoon could still get them though.

Coons don't hunt in the day. They're safe from hawks, that's about it though. Owls too if it's at dawn or dusk.

For those owls, unfortunately you can't get the pleasure of drowning them. I assume you can't go with 68's suggestion where you live. So I'd get a .177 pellet rifle. Best case, you kill it quietly. Worst case, you scare them off for a while and just have to give them a reminder shot occasionally. :icon-lol:
My chickens would never get inside. It's rare that I get one that will let me touch it.
Smoking a cigar last afternoon. 2 young coons walked right across my front yard. Never seen one mid day like that. If only I had a shovel handy.

I propose the opossum. Focused, adaptable, and persistent, the opossum makes a fitting Appalachian symbol, though they may not get much support as candidates. Much like Benjamin Franklin’s unsuccessful attempt to make the turkey our national bird, opossums don’t have that distinguished look you want in a representative species. They lack the bulk and power of the black bear, the mystery of the bobcat, and the jewel tones of the wily brook trout. Indeed, opossums are odd, a creature an exhausted God might have thrown together with parts leftover from a busy week of creation. Whatever He had lying around the shop (grippy hands, snaky tail, crippling anxiety), He chucked into the opossum and sent it down to the Garden of Eden to tip over Adam’s garbage cans and eat the cat food off Eve’s back porch. It’s an animal so weird, so remarkable, and so frequently maligned that they’ve earned a notable place in our culture simply by being themselves.

Sound familiar, West Virginia? Kentucky?
That dude has some serious issues, saying a coon with neurological issues was his soulmate. Is that WI?
They were hanging out playing for a while then wandered off; fun to watch.

We've had a raccoon hanging around for a while, it was probably their mom. Didn't see her last night though. Our cat really wanted to go outside, that's what got our attention.
He only needs 1 front leg to fuck you up :icon-lol: Bears are all over my parents' place now. They've sent me pictures of the cubs and momma climbing the small fence into their back yard. "Yard"...a smallish cleared area and flattened area on the mountain. Dad is gonna have a big rug this winter. Use to just walk out the door and start walking down the side of the mountain through the woods and see where it'd take me. Now with several different bear having moved in, I don't think the kid is going to be too keen wandering through those woods anymore.

On another note, I killed a possum the other day.