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RIP said:
Evil gator said:
yeah when I was a kid I had heard about playing possum so I cornered one in our yard and it hissed and charged at me, probably rabid

ran inside and my mom told me what a dumbass i was lol
In my 20s my dog got ahold of one in my backyard. There were no visible injuries but it was just laying there. I completely spaced out about the phrase "playing possum" (I was very high) so to make sure it wasn't suffering I bashed it with a shovel. Oops.
Bashed a couple with shovels. Along with several baby ones who found momma dead a couple hours later and nuzzled under her. I came back after taking the kid to school to bury it and it turned into whack a mole on the 4 or 5 babies.

Nope, I don't feel one bit of guilt over it.
Lol. You and Mike see a lot of them I guess. Fortunately we are a little too far north
Had a dead young racoon in my yard this morning. Didn't look like he was attacked by anything.
DocZaius said:
What would Juggs do if instead of possums he had badgers. I bet those fuckers are mean.

Country folk are fearless :icon-lol: I've been out of the country too long, I'd have filled that hole with gas and threw a match in it.

Chick looked nice though.
Hahaha. Ok that's cute.

Huge opossum dead in my side yard by the road. I didn't do it.
Starting to use more possum hair for fly tying. We stuffed a possum ass first in a neighbors mailbox, was told the mailman opened the door, possum said what’s up, mailman hauled ass out of the mail truck.

That’s all I can contribute to the possum thread.

So my next-door neighbor's cat got out and he put traps out to try to catch him. He's had zero success and it's been like 3 weeks. The cat is still alive because we see him almost every day - he's just very skittish and impossible to catch.

Anyway, today my wife was out in the garden and heard the trap go off. Inside was a big fat possum. Should we keep it as a pet? Drown it? Let it go?